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Supervised Agricultural Experiences
All students that enroll in a agriculture course that follows the Texas Educational Agency is required to have a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) and document the time and/or money that was invested in that experience into what is called a record book. Gholson FFA uses the AET record book keeping service from Texas A&M university and is free of charge for all students registered in a principles of agriculture, food, and natural resource course. There are 4 types of SAE's an agricultural student may choose: Foundational, Research and Experimental, Placement, Entreprenuershup/Ownership.

For more information on how to select an appropiate SAE or if what you do at home may be an SAE please see Mr. Ketchum or see the resources listed on this website for more guidance.

Click on the following link to find out the basics and importance of SAEs to students in agricultural education. 

Listed below will be documents that are resources to a students record book.


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